successful landing page design examplesLanding pages are an incredibly useful tool for lead generation, but not all landing pages are created equal. For landing pages that generate leads, you will need to consider the design and copy carefully.These four companies know a thing or two about creating beautiful landing pages optimized for conversions:

Lead Pages

As an industry-leading landing page creation tool, LeadPages understands the power of social proof, a marketing tactic that takes form in testimonials, product reviews, trust icons data/numbers, and social media posts.

The online software features the logos of notable publisher mentions and highlight companies that trust their services to demonstrate brand authority and help customers feel confident in their choice.

Aside from trust icons, LeadPages also employs numbers that prove their services work and customer testimonials to put a face to their success rates.


Drip, an e-commerce CRM company, provides a free demo course for prospects. With its minimal design, the landing page is an excellent example of how to communicate the value of what you’re offering.

On the page, Drip lists the monetary value of the free guide and exact details of what the course includes. The software company also utilizes bullet points to succinctly describe what the content is about and how it will benefit the user. Drip even includes floating social sharing buttons to encourage people to tell others about the offer as a smart method to generate more traffic to the page.


Landbot doesn’t follow the traditional format for landing pages, which is precisely why it’s one of our favorites. Instead of the usual form and text format, Landbot provides an interactive experience for site visitors. Not only does this unique tactic showcase the company’s services in action, but it makes collecting valuable details such as name, phone and email feel more like a fun conversation than an exchange of information.


Good design essential for every landing page. The trial landing page from Moz is a perfect example of how a simple scheme wins.

The page design is straightforward yet visually interesting with graphic icons and an image of their product in use. Keeping with a theme of simplicity, Moz segments copy into small separate sections for easy readability. They also use contrasting colors with the background and CTA so the reader’s eye is drawn immediately to the button’s pop of yellow.

The Takeaway

By utilizing landing page best practices and borrowing from the strategies the above companies used, you too can create killer landing pages! When building out your next landing page, consider the following tips:

  • Show social proof
  • Highlight the value of your offer
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new
  • Use clean, compelling design

Need a little bit more direction? The marketing experts at HeadsUp specialize in creating landing pages to capture the leads you’re targeting. Contact us today to start implementing lead generation campaigns that boost your bottom line!