customer retention strategiesWe all know how it feels to get a new customer. It’s exciting and optimistic and fresh! You probably don’t get the same feelings when retaining a customer, but you should be! Retaining your existing customers result in a continually growing ROI and decreasing costs. Your customer retention program should be designed to increase customer value and encourage your product or service repurchase. Your retention program doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s pretty simple! Here are three simple customer retention strategies that will help your sales grow.

Be More Than Your Product

It’s important to keep in mind that customers are more likely to interact with products from companies that resemble themselves. Your company isn’t just a product or service, and it’s essential to get involved with your customers beyond that. Uniquely defining what your company stands for and highlighting it as a part of your brand will result in deeper confidence and loyalty from your customers.Get involved with your consumer’s personal goals and demonstrate your value outside of your product. 


Educating your customers on how to get more out of your product or avoiding specific problems can increase the likelihood of recommendations and repurchasing. The sales process has adapted over the years, and in today’s world, you don’t want to leave the customer after you’ve made the sale. You want to build a relationship of trust and support to retain that new customer in the future. Using resources to create an online academy, training sessions, or onboarding process is a great way to train your new customers. 


There are three great methods of keeping in contact with your customers:

  • Customer Feedback
  • Communication Challenge
  • Company Newsletter

With these three methods in place, it’s easy to communicate with your customers and build a lasting relationship. Feedback is a vital part of optimizing your business strategies. With a system of collecting, analyzing, and distributing customer feedback, you can understand how your customers feel and improve your business. When your customers aren’t giving you feedback, it’s good to be proactive about your communication. Creating a chart that shows the communication history for each customer will help you keep track of when you should re-establish your connections with people and ensure you’re in regular contact. Taking your communication one step further and implementing a company newsletter is a cost-effective way of retaining your customers. People want to know what’s going on within your company. They want to know about your new products or services, what new projects you’re working on, and genuinely how things are going. 

“Uniquely defining what your company stands for and highlighting it as a part of your brand will result in deeper confidence and loyalty from your customers.”

The key to excellent customer retention is keeping yourself in your customer’s minds. Allowing them to connect and care for your company through great communication, education, and interaction is how to do that. If you’re looking to increase customer ROI and grow your sales process, get in touch with us! Our team of marketing specialists will help you build a process to retain your customers after the first sale!