technology to improve business strategiesIt seems like a new business technology is announced every day, and with these technological advancements comes a change in the way companies operate. Just about everything is done online today, and even brick-and-mortar stores must adapt to keep up with the times.

Is your company stuck in the past? These easily implemented business technologies are a great way to get started on embracing all that the 21st century has to offer.

Dive into Data

With so much information readily available online on your prospects and customers alike, it would be a waste not to utilize it. From CRMs to social media analytics, you can determine a whole wealth of knowledge about your audience at the click of a button. Be sure to regularly track and analyze all the incoming data from various resources and use them to better inform your marketing strategies and customer retention efforts.

Get Found

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective online tools for business growth. As various online sources publish new content on the daily, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive the amount of website hits you’re after without optimizing your copy and other site assets for search engines.

Take the time to plan out a keyword strategy based on terms your target audience is searching for and input those keywords throughout your site copy and alt-tags. Just be sure that you aren’t only writing for SEO. While getting found is essential, readability and quality of content are equally so or else you risk a high bounce rate.

Automate Your Emails

From email nurture campaigns to client follow-up, businesses send out dozens of emails every hour. Keeping track of all these communications can be messy and even result in a critical response falling through the cracks. Email automation allows you to simplify the process with workflows and customization tokens that send the right response to recipients at the right time without losing that personal touch.

Investing in email automation software will ensure your messages are organized and timely. For communications that require a manual response, set up reminders to follow-up and schedule an email for a future send so that the task is taken care of and you can move on to other responsibilities.

While industry and operational changes can be scary, embracing technology will streamline your business processes and help you reach your growth goals. If your company is ready to reap the benefits of all the latest marketing technology, contact HeadsUp Marketing today to learn more about how we implement the most up-to-date marketing software and procedures to create fully-realized online growth campaigns for our clients.