What Growth Means to Us

For businesses of all sizes, growth is a big deal. But how do you define something so massive?

Our definition of growth

Part of the quarterly planning at HeadsUp Marketing involves asking “What’s Most Important?” after we’ve reviewed the past quarter and hashed out what’s unclear, missing and not working.

For us, doing what’s most important is how we define growth.

HeadsUp was created to build and support our community. That’s our mission.

Growth, to us, doesn’t just mean dollars. Whether helping local businesses cultivate their brand or providing non-profit services, growth ultimately means having the ability to accomplish our company mission.

How we achieve growth

Whatever you may define it as, growth is your desired outcome. Growth might be revenue, new clients, new employees, or even new technologies.

While marketing efforts like email and social media will help you grow, most companies that struggle lack the distinction between the results and how you get there.

Instead of prioritizing services or solutions, we put our focus on that outcome.

Growing with a purpose

HeadsUp is nearly eight years old. In that time, we’ve gone through plenty of transformations.

We’ve stumbled over our target market, redesigned our website on three separate occasions, and even changed the company name. Because we’re agile, we are continually redefining our objectives.

But even with all these changes, our guiding principles and mission remain the same. Focusing on what’s most important not only spurs internal growth, but also enables us to support our community and see that small businesses thrive.