Just over a year ago, web design was loud.

Pages were stock piled with information, and not the easiest to navigate.

Fast forward a year and the status quo has changed. With the ever increasing push in mobile surfing, web developers had to shrink their content to fit smaller screens.

The side effect of this has been a cleaner and more streamlined internet.

With that in mind, here are a few things that can help during a website redesign.

  • Use only a few colors, and stay away from gradients, they are soooo 2006.
  • Rule of thirds. Just like in photography, focus on the spacing by thirds of the screen. If it works for TV it will work for you!
  • Trim the fat. It’s natural to want a site which tells your whole story, but it should only tell what’s important. People are impatient, so give ’em what they need, quick!
  • Use responsive design. There are a few ways to optimize for mobile, but responsive is the easiest. Instead of building a different layout for mobile phones and tablets, responsive websites automatically arrange themselves for an optimal mobile experience.
  • When in doubt, ask for help! Your website is the face of your business… so don’t leave anything to chance!

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