There are some subtle differences between writing a blog for personal or professional reasons and blogging for a business.

Blogging and an SEO strategy are the most important tools for any business who wants to grow their digital presence through organic traffic from search engines.

Two things to point out before we jump in:

  1. There are exceptions to the general rules for your business, industry, and audience
  2. While business blogging might be more technical, a human element and connecting with your audience are vitally important in all writing

Don’t Focus On Personal Stories

Telling stories as part of a strategy that lead to a point works. Going on about how bad your week was and what you do on the weekends does not.

Capturing attention and connecting with readers requires a personal, humorous, and inspirational touch. But there is a fine line, and on the other side is unprofessional. Coming off as unprofessional is the exact opposite you want to accomplish.

Be friendly, but not unprofessional.

Don’t Be Overly Conversational

The keyword here being overly. You want to have a conversational tone. Standing out against your competition’s view and being interesting are needed; however, don’t go overboard.

Always using your love for puppies in your writing or taking political stances are both things to steer clear of. Don’t curse or rant and you’ll be fine.

Provide Value

Your blog won’t work unless you provide your readers value. It’s as simple as that.

On the other hand, you aren’t blogging to make friends. Everything should eventually tie back to your business. You will want a mix of promotional and educational content, but it all should move your prospects one step closer to becoming a lead and ultimately, a buyer.

If you don’t tell your readers what to do next and the services you provide, they will look elsewhere.

The end goal with business blogging is conversion, whether it’s a prospect to a lead or a lead to a buyer. Your targeted audience will ‘buy in’ to you before they make a purchasing decision. As long as you are delivering valuable content in a professional yet conversational manner, you will be successful.