If you’re a marketing professional or work closely with a marketing team, sooner or later you’ll hear the term brand awareness. While it might seem like just another industry buzzword, the term is a valuable, powerful concept. With brand awareness, you can determine the success rate of your marketing efforts.

To put it simply, brand awareness measures how familiar people are with your brand or product. So not only does it show whether people recognize your brand, but it’s also a great tool for you to measure your marketing efficiency.

In the past, measuring how customers perceive your brand was conducted in print, in person, and on the phone. Today, measuring the value of your brand can be done using convenient online survey tools. If your surveyed audience quickly recognizes your brand or product, you guessed it – you have a huge advantage over competitors if customers. There are many benefits to measuring brand awareness:

Gained Insight

One of the best values you can get from brand awareness measurement is the insight into what your audience really thinks of your brand. You can conduct hundreds of face-to-face surveys and still end up with unreliable results.

Using a survey tool helps to take away the inconsistency and instead empowers your audience to provide honest, un-filtered answers to your questions.

Expectation vs. Reality

When you are too close to the crafted brand messaging or product you’ve built out, it can be a challenge to sort out the differences in how you expect the audience to perceive the brand versus their actual understanding of your brand.

You may feel confident in what you build – but it’s important to know when you’re wrong. Surveys help you determine your audience’s genuine feelings about your brand.

ROI Calculation

It’s possible that all your strategies are successful, but if that success is coming at too high a cost, you should re-evaluate the entire strategy. Calculating ROI over time can help you better allocate your resources.

Enter branding surveys to calculate your performance, efficiency, and ROI. Once calculated, you can use that information to build a smarter, results-driven strategy.

Trend Spotting

It’s true – sometimes the best opportunities are hiding in plain sight. Maybe your brand has started to become associated with safety or another factor that isn’t even on your radar. Once you’ve highlighted a trend, you can quickly jump on the business opportunity.

Another aspect of measuring how your brand is perceived is comparing data, which enables you to spot industry trends and brand opportunities easily.

Manage Your Brand like a Pro

Brand awareness has great potential for any business. It enables you to see what consumers think of your brand and monitor your performance over time. Online surveys allow you to clearly see the strength of your brand and of your marketing efforts. As a result, you can create a brand strategy focused on maximizing your ROI.