At a basic level, social media is an excellent, powerful tool for two main purposes: attraction and engagement.

When companies put brand storytelling to use in social media, they can increase awareness, reach their target audience and engage with customers.

With that in mind, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite examples of creative social media storytelling to inspire you to spread your message and start amplifying your brand every day.

Ways to Use Storytelling in Social Media

Show off your human side

Authenticity resonates. Having a social media presence is your chance to have fun and connect with your buyers where they are… all while staying true to your brand message.

On Instagram, Oh Joy! Studio created the #ohjoyoffice hashtag, sharing behind the scenes glimpses that shine a light on their office culture and production process.

In a clever twist, this flooring company uses Facebook to post “Employee of the Week” photos of pets in the homes worked on that week instead of sharing typical Before & After images.

Try it: What makes your brand stand out? Use your social platforms as a chance to highlight the most human (or canine) aspects of your business, whether it’s a colorful culture or appreciation for animals!

Tell a larger story

Brevity is the soul of wit, as the Bard says. Sometimes, 140 characters aren’t quite enough to spread your message.

Andrew Chen writes one of our favorite entrepreneurship blogs. He also penned a thread on Twitter that acts as an excellent example of how you can string together a narrative using consecutive posts.

Refinery29 went a step further, utilizing storytelling in a 
Facebook ads test to lead prospects through the sales funnel.

Try it: Short stories are fun, but so are involved narratives. Give your audience an in-depth picture of who you are and what you do. Try tweeting out a thread of one of your latest blogs or creating a sequenced Facebook ad campaign and see what happens!

When it comes to social media storytelling, it’s all about show and tell. Show your humanity and tell your story with authentic words and pictures to engage your prospects and clients.