improve social media engagementThere’s far more to a successful social media marketing plan than building up your follower count. While there is value to having a big audience on your various social media profiles, one of the most significant benefits of social media is its interactive nature. However, people won’t like and comment on your posts automatically.

Use these tactics to get your followers to stop scrolling by your posts and start interacting.

Ask for What You Want

What’s the best way to get people commenting on your posts? Simply ask them to! People are opinionated by nature, they just need a bit of a push to share their views. Of course, you’ll want to be a bit more clever than outright saying, “Comment on our post!”

While asking a question in your posts is easy and effective, there are a few ways to get creative with your comment prompts. Try creating polls or holding a caption contest to really make your content stand out.

Provide Incentive

Followers are much more apt to take action when they get something in return. Running contests on your social media accounts with special rewards for winners or even taking part at all will get people excited about interacting with your brand.

Social media contests can be as straightforward as receiving the most likes on a comment or as in-depth as a user-generated content campaign. No matter how you choose to carry out a contest, be sure that the prize for winners is equal or greater to the effort they’ll need to put into their entries.

Be Responsive

Interaction is a two-way street, and if your followers are taking the time to comment on your posts, you must show you’re listening. Your brand profile should be responding to and liking comments as they come in, especially if a follower has a question in their post.

Social media provides companies with a unique customer service opportunity, as social listening tools allow you to see what others are saying about your brand even when they aren’t directly addressing you. Keep track of not only the comments being made on your social media profiles themselves, but what’s being said elsewhere to have a fully-rounded brand reputation strategy in place for social media.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the interaction is on a social media post, the larger its reach will be. By increasing your social media engagement rates, you’ll also widen your audience and improve your overall online presence.

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