Social media is a great way to market to your customers.

But companies and brands get a little too carried away sometimes.

We all know people who don’t really listen to what you’re saying. They’re waiting for the first break in the conversation so they can start talking again.

Consequently, they aren’t listening to comprehend; they’re listening to reply.

Social media provides such a great platform for two-way communication. Yet most businesses completely waste the opportunity.

They’re the companies that only care about selling themselves.

Most companies do well at using their social platform to improve customer satisfaction.

You’ve seen the posts. “We’re sorry for your inconvenience, please message us so we can help you further.”

But that’s not really interacting.

Look at, an online retailer.

Browse their Zappos Facebook page and look at how they create a warm, comfortable environment for customer interaction to grow.

They’re timeline is visual and appealing (like most retailers) but they show they care about their customers.

They ask for you to share your back-to-school photos. They hold ‘Fans of the Week’ contests.

They treat those that like there pages as equals. And not just followers waiting to hear about their next marketing campaign.