Though its word limit may be relatively small, Twitter’s reach is nothing but. With 330 million monthly active users, Twitter has grown tremendously since the channel first entered the social networking scene in 2006.

What was once a simple tool for users to write brief messages to each other has become such a dominant information-sharing service that even world leaders use the social media platform to communicate with the masses easily.

Benefits for Businesses

You don’t have to be famous to experience the benefits of the social channel; Twitter can do a great deal for brands and businesses, too:

  • Content Promotion

Unlike traditional advertising, tweeting out content gives users an opportunity to interact with your content through retweets and replies. These interactions are seen by all of the user’s followers, therefore increasing brand awareness. The more your promoted content is spread over Twitter, the higher the chances are that people will click through to your website, driving more traffic and ultimately, more conversions.

  • Reputation Management

Engaging with disgruntled customers who spread negativity about your brand shows you care about their experience. Plus, it offers you the opportunity to turn the conversation around. Providing customer support and services in a public forum also grants your company transparency, building your brand authenticity with every tweet.

  • Competitor Intel

    Follow competing brands to see how they are promoting and interacting with their followers. Stay up to date with what industry leaders and other top competitors are posting to pinpoint the best social strategy for your own Twitter following. Some brands even use this tactic to poke fun at each other and try to sway customers in their direction.

Twitter Tips

As you now know, Twitter is an excellent tool for marketers. However, to reap the benefits, you must first understand how to use it efficiently:

  • Focus on follower quality over quantity. Having active followers is more important than having a large follower count. Active followers interact with your brand by retweeting and replying to your company’s tweets, further spreading your brand awareness. A good way to find active followers is to hang out in Twitter chats. Search for trending topics related to your business or industry and engage in the conversations going on there. If you can’t find any relevant trending topics, start your own!
  • Maintain visibility. Make sure your Twitter account is easy to find by adding social buttons to your website and email signatures. People won’t follow you if they don’t know your account exists.
  • Vary your social media content. Your Twitter account shouldn’t be a carbon copy of your Facebook or Instagram feed. Posting the same content across your social media pages, or “cross-posting,” comes across as lazy and inauthentic. Each platform has a specific purpose and you should share relevant content tailored to those differences.
  • Twitter is best used interactively. Communicate with your customers and other brands to put your name out there and stay relevant. Do more than just share your own content; retweet and reply to others.

The highly interactive nature of Twitter makes it a smart resource for brands to reach out and keep in contact with customers and prospects. Utilizing these tips, as well as measuring your goals and outcomes, is a surefire way to begin tweeting like the pros and connecting with your audience.