To successfully reach your buyers where they’re at, you must establish brand authority across all social channels. After all, 90 percent of social B2B traffic is driven by Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, with LinkedIn responsible for 50 percent of all social traffic for B2B companies.

As a tool that converts website visitors into leads, LinkedIn is a crucial part of any social strategy. That said, we’ve identified a handful of ways to optimize your company presence on the popular business platform:

Your Profile

LinkedIn is the Facebook of the professional world, and profiles are the core of the site. It’s important to make sure your profile is informative, concise and compelling.

Your LinkedIn company profile should be just as professional and memorable as it is complete. To make it easier for prospects to locate your profile, try incorporating keywords that best represent your business.

Social Tip: If you’re not sure which keywords to use, think about it from the user’s perspective. What words might they use if searching for your product or service offerings?

Your Updates

Your followers make up the entirety of your network on LinkedIn. Be sure to engage them with timely, relevant posts. If you’re looking to increase the amount of traffic directed to your site, consider publishing consistent updates.

There is no status quo when it comes to LinkedIn statuses. Some businesses choose to only share company updates, such as new hire announcements or product upgrades. Others sprinkle in industry-related shares and long-form Pulse articles to boost thought leadership.

Our advice is to figure out a posting cadence that works for you and your audience and stick with it.

Your Groups

Contributing to groups not only provides you with the opportunity to connect with engaged users, but it also allows you to build your business credibility with every group post. Plus, you have the option to create your own group to start a new community filled with a specific group of people.

Either within your company group or other groups related to your industry, you can:

  • Share links to helpful and relevant blog posts
  • Share updates with targeted audience members
  • Communicate with potential customers

LinkedIn allows companies to select up to 3 groups to feature on their profile. Featured groups enable you to set yourself apart from competitors, so highlight groups that align the most with your company.

Consider these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to generating social traffic through LinkedIn.

These are just a few ways you can implement LinkedIn into your overall lead generation strategy. Let’s connect and chat about how to use social media to enhance your marketing efforts.