An inbound marketing strategy using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about reaching your potential customers at the exact moment they are searching for you.

SEO involves doing everything in your ability to rank higher in search engines. That way, when prospects search for problems, solutions, and companies related to your business’s industry, you show up.

The reality is this: local SEO drives more clicks and calls than any other marketing technique. And a properly optimized and managed Google My Business account is essential to any SEO strategy.

Maximizing Local SEO with Google My Business

1. Gain Insight on Google My Business

Understanding what Google My Business can do for your company is the first step. With a Google My Business account, your business is directly connected to customers looking for you across all Google platforms (Search, Maps, Google+).

The feature primarily acts as a virtual Yellow Pages ad, and also provides measurability for the success of your business’s SEO efforts.

2. Give Your Information

Just like the first step, sharing company information is a crucial part of maximizing your local SEO with Google My Business. Do not think this is a “set it and forget it” service! However, keeping your company information accurate and current is an easy way to guarantee users will find you.

Be sure to remember that NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) consistency is important not only for Google My Business— but for all online listings. Not only will you ensure customers have accurate information, but Google will also penalize your search ranking if you have inconsistent listings.

3. Get Verified

Verifying your business through Google My Business provides users with further confidence in you and your brand. Just click the Verify now button. Within two weeks, Google will mail a postcard to your business’s mailing address. From there, enter the code provided and you’re in business (Google My Business, that is)!

Yes. It’s that easy.

4. Go Mobile

Perhaps the easiest recommendation: download the Google My Business app for your smartphone. The app provides you with the power to modify existing, and generate new content as needed.

With the Google My Business app, you can easily manage content, in or out of the office.

Local Atlanta SEO Simplified

Having trouble getting your Google My Business account started? HeadsUp Marketing is here for your Atlanta business. We can help you setup and manage your account while ensuring your NAP is consistent across all platforms. Contact us today or call 678.528.5785 to find out more.