what to consider before reopeningWe are all eager to return to a normal working routine. With some states reopening, companies are struggling to decide whether it’s safe to open or not. Businesses that decide to reopen should be extremely precautions to keep their workforce and the rest of their community safe. Societal routines will not be the same. It’s time to create a new normal.

Public Space and Distancing

As employees come back to work, companies have to think carefully about how to use the public office space. Social distancing should still be practiced. There are strategies companies can use to promote these guidelines. The biggest concerns on returning to the office are the amount of communal surfaces and the lack of consistent cleaning. Some companies have started installing hooks instead of door knobs, so employees can open doors with their arms. It’s also a good idea to hire a cleaning service to regularly clean the office space and put protective substances on surfaces.

Meetings set up a high risk situation when it comes to the workplace. Gathering employees in a small space can break social distancing rules and cause uneasy attitudes, lack of trust, and sickness. Hold meetings in large, open areas or continue to host them virtually to avoid this problem. The best way to protect your employees is to be overly cautious and implement new processes for safety.

Monitoring Health

Monitoring the health of your employees should be a top priority when you consider reopening. Come up with a system ahead of time and decide how to implement procedures effectively. Although this may seem tricky and costly, the investment is far more worth it. Doing things like checking temperatures before employees enter the building can be difficult to correctly integrate into your office. This could cause a loss of time and money, not to mention, the health and safety of employees. Considering providing the necessary masks and thermometers needed for employees to properly monitor their health.

The best way to monitor health and prevent the spread of illness is having Kleenex and cleaning supplies available, practicing strict social distancing guidelines within the office, offering an open policy to working remotely, or even paid time off. This establishes mutual trust. Leaders trust employees to appropriately evaluate their own health and remain home if necessary. Employees trust leaders to create a safe work environment. Your workforce should never feel pressured to put their own safety at risk for the company. Following these sentiments and regulations will create a positive company culture that prioritizes safety over a bottom line.

This global pandemic has resulted in very uncertain times, and that uncertainty will remain long after the economy is reopened. As companies and states consider lifting stay-at-home orders, companies must consider the cost and effectiveness of the safety precautions. For more advice and guidelines on re-opening, visit these guidelines released by the CDC. If you’d like to see more resources on how to be successful in the next phase of this pandemic visit our COVID-19 Resource Center.