What is the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing?For those unfamiliar with the term, lead generation is a customer acquisition technique that brings in new audiences and turns them into marketing or sales qualified leads. Lead generation works by utilizing both inbound and outbound marketing campaigns to attract your target market and, ideally, convert them into paying customers. The process of lead generation helps your products and services garner attention from those who would benefit from them, either with them finding you organically or more implicit outreach on your business’s end.

Outbound Lead Generation

In outbound lead gen campaigns, a company’s sales or marketing department makes the first point of contact with a target account in an attempt to start a conversation and pique interest in their business’s offerings. Outbound campaigns often consist of cold calls and emails to prospect lists gathered through research. These campaigns have a much higher chance of being effective when salespeople use personalization and a human touch in their outreach to potential buyers. It’s important that you fully understand someone’s pain points before making contact to ensure you provide the most helpful and relevant resources.

Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound lead generation utilizes search engine optimization and other online attraction techniques that bring your target audience straight to you. One of the biggest benefits of inbound marketing campaigns is a higher quality of leads, as these contacts have found you organically, and you already know they’re looking for solutions your company can provide. Content marketing and social media marketing are popular forms of inbound campaigns that not only bring in new leads but further your brand awareness and help establish industry authority, to boot.

Both inbound and outbound marketing campaigns have a place in the marketing world, and many companies use a combination of the two in their lead generation efforts. Outbound lead generation is a far more traditional form of marketing, but advancements in technology and changing consumer behavior have resulted in the need for adaptations in customer acquisition strategies. Inbound campaigns account for this marketplace shift and bring a fresh new way of growing your leads.

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