We’ve arrived at the single digits of the gift-unwrapping countdown, and the upcoming days will be some of the busiest of the year. Although the holiday season is in full swing, there’s still time to squeeze in a few marketing ideas to make this season a success.

Read on to learn three last-minute holiday marketing tips that you can use to boost your holiday revenue:

#1: Email Gift Ideas to Customers

Providing customers and last-minute shoppers alike with gift ideas is an excellent opportunity for you to promote your products. As always, your email should be kept short and sweet with plenty of images sprinkled in. To make the email easy to read and navigate, segment ideas by price (“Gifts under $15”) or person (“Gift Ideas for Mom”).

Along with featured product photos and short descriptions, don’t forget to use a subject line that includes a clear call-to-action. Use keywords and terminology to influence potential buyers still looking for the perfect gift.

#2: Utilize Social Media

Social media is the fastest and most relevant way to spread your message throughout the rest of the year, but it is especially valuable during the holidays. Play off of seasonal hashtags like #stockingstuffers or #giftideas and promote flash sales across all platforms.

With just a few days left in the season, it’s important to leverage social media to your advantage and connect with your customers as they get into the holiday spirit.

#3: Share Useful Tips

One way to capture attention and gain credibility online is by sharing innovative tips and tricks with your audience.

If you have a blog, consider writing up a guide to DIY decorating or sharing a holiday recipe. You can also share practical and useful tips on your social channels, whether on a gift guide countdown or a simple decorating hack with a well-placed hashtag.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start implementing these quick ideas to encourage last-minute shoppers before the holidays dash away!