First, if you aren’t sure what a business blog is, check out our post “Why Blog? Benefits of Blogging for Your Business” on getting started and up-to-date.
Good to go? Awesome. Now let’s dive into the first (but not the only) reason to start blogging as a marketing tactic.

Do you think having a website that does most of the work bringing in quality leads on a daily basis and helping to educate them through the sales process is just a dream?

Do you think getting thousands of monthly visitors to your small business’s website is about as real as seeing a unicorn on your morning commute tomorrow?

Now, consider all the ways people can get to your website.

If they know your website’s URL and directly type it in, they are already a part of your audience. You could buy an email list (don’t you think about actually doing it!), blasting them emails, and hoping some convert to traffic. This is expensive and illegal, though. SPAM regulations are even more expensive. You could buy a bunch of paid ads which is still expensive and inefficient (but not illegal!).

That leads us to one final question: What is the best way to grow your website, blog, and traffic? Short answer, blogging and search engines. Social media and promotion tactics, like guest blogging and referral traffic, also help increase your SEO and ultimately, contribute to new growth.

Here’s how it all ties together to work.

Think of all the pages on your website. How many do you have? Not that many. Now, how many times are you updating those website pages each month? Again, probably not that many. Some pages can only get updates based on certain events, like when you change your address on your contact page after moving.

Blogging addresses both of those problems in a cost-efficient and effective marketing tactic. For each blog post you write, you get one more indexed page on your website. That’s one more chance to appear in search engines and drive traffic to your website through organic search.

Consistent blogging is also a major indicator to search engines that your site is active, which means you are providing search users with new and valuable content.

Finally, you can reuse your blog posts on your social media content. Search engines generally rank content posted to social media sites higher in search results, especially if the post has been frequently shared.

In short, the first benefit of business blogging is driving new traffic to grow your website through search engines and social media. In our next post, we will cover the second reason: converting on all your new opportunities.