ways inbound marketing helps your sales departmentThough sales is often thought of as living in a different world than marketing, magic can happen when the two worlds intertwine. In order to reach your full growth potential, your sales department should be equipped with more than just their natural charisma and communication skills. If you’re looking to bring your sales team to the next level, inbound marketing could very well be the venue for meeting your goal. 

Lead Generation

Cold outreaches are rarely effective. Your sales department has a much better chance of closing deals when a prospect has already shown some type of interest in your company. Inbound marketing utilizes content creation and SEO to bring leads to you rather than the other way around. Inbound lead generation works by including CTAs and lead capture forms throughout a business’s website so that salespeople have a growing list of contacts to work from. When someone willingly gives out contact information, they have essentially alerted you that they’re open to further communication, which is exactly when a salesperson should step in. 

Understanding Prospects

A good sales pitch is a personalized one, and inbound marketing assists greatly in this endeavor by providing sales teams with a wealth of data and lead qualifiers. The amount of content consumed, pages visited, and level of interaction of a prospect and your marketing materials can be used to create a lead scoring point system that defines where a target is in the buyer’s journey. This information helps salespeople tailor their communications to a contact’s sales cycle stage for maximum impact. Your sales department can also review which types of materials a prospect has viewed so they have a better idea of a lead’s pain points and can address them in their pitch. 

Improved Talking Points

Sales conversations are all about offering up valuable information about your products and services and how they can help a potential buyer. Inbound marketing brings a steady stream of new materials that your sales department can pull from when making their pitches. Content marketing, one of the staples of inbound, provides salespeople with fresh, detailed resources on a wide variety of topics so that they may pick the best information to share for individual pitches. 

The right marketing approach can greatly improve the successes of your sales department. Inbound both increases the amount of leads coming in and gives salespeople the data they need to close deals. Reach out to HeadsUp’s Marietta inbound marketing strategists to inflate your customer acquisition rates!