In his INBOUND 2017 keynote, Dharmesh Shah covered a handful of aspects regarding growth. At one point, the HubSpot Co-Founder stated, “Better content does better. Who knew?” … and 21 thousand marketing and sales professionals laughed.

But Shah’s statement perfectly captures the arching theme of the event: A better approach – to marketing, sales and even customer experience – does better.

This simple yet often ignored concept trips up sales and marketing teams of all sizes. Quality over quantity is brushed aside for the “more is more” method that plagues so many operational strategies.

So, how can we do better in our marketing, sales, and customer experience efforts? Here are a few valuable tidbits I picked up on at INBOUND 2017.

Clarity drives action.

“People will fall in love with your brand if what you communicate and what you want to say are in alignment.” – Liz Murphy, IMPACT

On the practical surface, the clearer the language, the easier it is for users to understand and want to act. It’s a natural progression: ease of language leads to ease of understanding, which leads to ease of purchase.

Simplification is also a valuable tool when designing for user experience (UX). Remember to stick with substance and eliminate the fluff that clouds your message, and your audience will thank you for it.

Authenticity will always be “in”.

“Content has now become an unlimited resource on the Internet. Everyone is creating content. Personality is your secret weapon online.” – Phil Pallen, Phil Pallen Collective

As cliché as it may seem, we are all drawn to authenticity. When brands and businesses are their truest selves, people pay attention.

What is your company mission? Your actions should reflect those values. In other words, don’t just walk the walk. Walk the talk. Your prospects will notice.

Consistency resonates.

“We purchase from people we like, know, and trust … Don’t be a retailer. Be a resource.” – Sherron Washington, The P3 Solution

Humans crave consistency. As consumers, we demand it. LucidPress reports a whopping 60% of US millennials expect consistent experiences when interacting with brands online, by phone or in-store.

Customer loyalty is hard won and easily lost. To prove value and build credibility, be as intentional as possible with your audience. Weave a consistent narrative at every touch-point.

Final Note

If there were just one sentiment echoed by speakers at INBOUND 2017, it would be: this is nothing new. And I would say the same about the ideas listed above.

None of these concepts are particularly groundbreaking, but they are an important reminder to everyone striving for better marketing, sales and customer experience.

With clarity, authenticity and consistency, your brand message just works better.