why digital marketing is important nowAs we are settling into our second month of a global pandemic, peoples eyes have started to shift towards what comes next. The idea of ‘reopening’ has become a topic of conversation and may seem very scary to most businesses. Whether it was due to a lack of resources, time, or to the scramble we’ve all been in to adjust; a lot of company’s marketing efforts have fallen off in the past month, and that can leave many companies to wonder if the demand will still be there when they reopen. You may find yourself feeling this way, and that’s okay. Like Einstein once said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Here at HeadsUp we can’t agree with that more and are here to help you move into the next phase of your future with confidence through digital marketing. 

Whether you’re currently reopening or have plans to reopen in the next month, digital marketing can help you see an immediate boost in your audience and consequently, your business. The best part is that the perfect time for digital marketing is now. I know. You’re trying to plan to reopen or scrambling to keep things together, but digital marketing really comes down to three main questions:

  • Who is my audience?
  • Where is my audience?
  • Am I saying the right things at the right time?

Who is my audience?

Knowing your audience gives you the ability to tailor and target your marketing to increase your ROI. This question, as important as it is, can be a tough question to answer without conducting the proper research to determine who your real buyers are. Recently, consumer behavior as a whole has changed. Every company has gone through a change in audience. The recent increase of people remaining indoors and, in turn, remaining online has shifted how offline companies have to do business. An even bigger factor is the financial effect a pandemic can have on a business or a consumer. Some products just aren’t in the cards for some people anymore. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t market to them. Having an effective digital marketing campaign to reach those consumers online and let them know that you’re there makes them more likely to respond.

Many companies that find themselves in this situation are beginning to come up with alternative ways to help their customers. They are able to do this by knowing their audience and knowing what their audience needs are. You may have to shift and adapt your business model, but understanding and serving your demographic in this way will make them more likely to respond and be there for you. If you need help finding out who your new buyers are send our Chief Marketing Strategist an email.

Where is my audience?

Although more simple to answer than the last, this question remains equally important. If you take a look at the numbers on Social Media Today you’d quickly know where your customers are. Truly, it’s where we all have spent a lot of our time during the past month. It would be safe to say that with app usage up 20% worldwide, the digital realm has seen a massive increase in audience. Why not capitalize on that and then use this window to digitally connect with your customers and begin to learn about them. People are looking for community and are taking more opportunity to connect digitally, so take the chance and be the brand they connect with and be personable. Now is the time to let your current and future customers know you care about them.

Am I saying the right things at the right time?

Communicating with your audience can be a tricky venture. The social guidelines on what can be said at what time are undefined and continually evolving. That said, having the ability to talk to your clientele effectively can be extremely beneficial. Most companies might find that their customers are currently feeling lonely while they are socially distancing from others. Providing that sense of togetherness for your clients and creating a digital community is a great way to grow your market. Take a look at this blog for tips on what to say.

As other companies begin to lift their heads out of the fog and start looking towards the future, they too will begin to ask these questions. Having a digital marketing strategy focused on answering these questions can help your company bounce back sooner than others. Now is the chance to learn and adapt by growing your digital presence. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions. HeadsUp is here to help you focus your digital marketing strategy for the future.