So, you’ve discovered inbound marketing.

And whether you’re a one man show or have a small marketing team, you’ve made the decision that it’s time to find an inbound agency to help you grow faster and maybe even teach your internal team what to do and when.

For plenty of reasons, that’s a smart choice. Now you’ll need to go on a search to find the right inbound marketing agency for you and your business.

Here are three things you should be considering and looking for as a part of your search.

1. An Agency with Employees, Not Contractors

When starting you search, you’ll want to be sure to ask plenty of questions about the people who will be responsible and accountable for your inbound account. Some agencies are staffed with interns or with part-time freelancers

Not to say that’s bad. You just need to be comfortable with the agency’s team and their ability to execute the level of work you expect.

Also, you need to be looking to work with people who will advise you what to do and not just do what you say to do. During the sales process, ask to meet the members of the team you will be working with regularly.

2. An Agency with Experience in Strategy, Planning, and Execution

As with most processes, there is really only one way to learn inbound, and that’s to do it. That’s why you’ll want to look for agencies that have experience planning and performing inbound campaigns.

An agency with a web portfolio and zero inbound clients may not be the best partner. In place of asking, “how many clients do you have?” you need to ask, “How many full, active inbound retainer clients do you have?” You should also follow up with, “How many are getting results, and what’s the difference between them and the ones that aren’t?”

3. An Agency Committed to Results

Working with an agency is a true partnership on both sides. Going into it, you have to be sure you each understand the other’s expectations.

Ultimately, happy clients are the ones who get leads, and unhappy clients are the ones who don’t. You’ll want an agency focused on lead generation, which will result in producing leads that match your appropriate target persona.

The three components above will help you focus on the questions of “how” and “why” with an agency’s ability to understand your expectations and deliver on them.

The most important factor to finding the right agency is asking the right questions.

At HeadsUp Marketing, we aren’t just committed to results – we’re committed to helping your Atlanta business grow with inbound. To learn more about what inbound can do for you, call 678.528.5785 today!