Hiring an SEO content writerLike it or not, your organization’s competence as a business is judged on how you present your brand and your website.

Basically, your brand’s perception is owned by the consumers and businesses you interact with.

What is Brand Perception?

You can craft the perfect message, design an eye-popping graphic, and publish the most inspirational social post – all in the name of shaping your brand’s image. But at the end of the day, you don’t hold a magic “Buy Now!” wand.

Your company is whatever people say and think about you.

However, you aren’t powerless. You can take control of your brand’s perception by influencing your audience and delighting your customers into promoters. When it comes to influencing brand perception, it’s essential to know your customers – who they are, how they perceive your brand and how to communicate with them. 

Your Digital Storefront

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and experienced the following?

  • Messy tables and an unclean environment
  • No host waiting to greet and seat you
  • Waiting hours to be seated and served
  • Incredibly unsatisfactory food or service

Well, how did you react? Did you leave the restaurant before ever being seated?

When you click on a link to a website and you don’t like what you see, what do you do? Chances are you hightail it out of there, searching for something better.

You could be the best landscaper on the planet. But if your website doesn’t match that, you’ve sent the message that you don’t have time to market yourself or your business properly.

And if visitors are clicking away after their gut reaction, it’s time to invest in how you present yourself online, specifically your website.

Without question, your product and service quality is more important than the design of your website. But in reality, it’s only so practical to funnel all your efforts into the services and products. Just as you wouldn’t wear sweats to a job interview, you must purposefully brand yourself or your business to gain control over perception.

Use the No Hassle Marketing Check-in for Executives to find out if your marketing is on track.

Hire an SEO Expert

One of the best ways to optimize your website and build brand is to partner with an experienced SEO writer. Search engine marketers know how to write content that informs and engages readers, and occasionally promotes the business in a way that web crawlers understand.

On the surface, it seems easy to write a handful of blog posts a week, but add in search optimization, post formatting, and creating stunning visual image, and it quickly adds up.

Writing content is more nuanced than you may think. You wouldn’t necessarily attempt to handle your own legal work. But sometimes it’s best to bring in a professional.

By outsourcing to a content writer that can identify relevant keywords, you can unlock more opportunities to reach your target audience. While it’s up to you to provide your partner with a bit of direction on what you’d like written, it’s often up to them to determine pertinent topics.

Your business needs a unique voice and message that readers can relate to. By hiring an Atlanta SEO agency that can write under your direction, and provide you with valuable SEO tips and industry knowledge, you can avoid the risk of alienating your readers.

By hiring an SEO agency to write articles that rise to the top of search results, you can make sure your website mirrors how your brand interacts with clients in person and reach buyers at just the right time. 

Editor’s Note: This post was initially published in March 2016 and has been updated for clarity and accuracy.