Did you know your website is not just a digital postcard for your business?

It’s high time to ditch the old-school perspective and start using your site for what it’s designed for – lead generation. If your website isn’t producing leads every single day, you have a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

If your website strategy has any of the issues below, you’re going to have a tough time generating leads for your sales team. The good news is, you can use these inbound marketing tips to fix your website’s optimization rate and start driving more leads.

Problem: Your Design is Outdated

What story is your website telling visitors? You only have ten short seconds to share with prospects who you are and what you do – in the most interesting way possible. If users can’t make an emotional connection with your site within the first ten seconds, they’ll click away and move on to other pages.

How to Fix It: Responsive Web Design. Goodbye bounce rates, hello new leads! With responsive design, you can improve SEO and connect with prospects no matter what device they’re using.

Problem: Your Content Doesn’t Connect

From promotional content offers down to the blog topics you choose; content creation is a vital piece of any website success. If your message doesn’t connect with the right visitors at the appropriate moment, your conversion rates, lead generation, and branding suffers.

How to Fix It: The Right Content, in the Right Place. It’s not just about writing quality content; you need to strategically place it on pages designed with your buyer personas and specific stages of the buyer’s journey in mind. Here, you can use CTAs to connect your persona with the content.

Problem: Your SEO is Broken

A website can have all the modern design and right content in the world, but it’s all worthless if it can’t be found through search engines. With proper optimization on your website, it’s easy for search engines like Google to crawl and index pages. But the entire process can break down if there’s an error in your SEO.

How to Fix It: Google Webmaster Tools. When it comes to broken SEO, you might have any number of problems to address. With Google’s tool, you can see what crawl errors appear, as well as high-level directions on how to fix the issue. The most common solution involves implementing redirect forms for the major 404 errors occurring on your site.

Final Note

Before you can begin tackling your conversion rate and lead generation needs, you need to gather your numbers. Determine the number of visitors you are currently getting to your site, what your site-wide conversion rate is, and how many leads your site is producing.

Once you know these numbers, you can assess whether you need a full site rebuild or to make a few simple upgrades to turn around your website’s lead production.