importance-of-fresh-contentHaving a fresh, original approach to your content marketing campaign is a great way to boost the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy. Content marketing is an important marketing technique for creating and releasing valuable, relevant, and authentic information in the form of blogs, infographics, e-books, or videos. It’s important in content marketing to understand your audience in order to attract a defined group of customers and drive them to an objective or action. Here’s what injecting fresh content in your marketing can do for your business.

What Fresh Content Can Do


If you’re unfamiliar with Search Engine Optimization, SEO allows Google and other search engines to identify pages that have been newly updated, use certain keywords, and contain important and relevant information. Search engines needed a way to identify and present pages that contained ‘relevant’ content in order for them to remain valuable to users. Every hour internet bots called ‘web crawlers’, crawl the internet for newly updated pages. Making sure you have a steady flow of relevant and fresh content pages that contain popular keywords is key to getting the attention of Google and the thousands of people using your keyword search terms. The biggest benefit SEO can provide for you is bringing potential customers to your website and showcasing your knowledge and expertise.

Bounce Rates and Interactions

A bounce rate is high when there is a lot of traffic on your site, but visitors are quickly leaving or not interacting the way you’d like. What this means is that your content isn’t making much of an impact and isn’t relevant to your audience. A good way to combat this is by checking the analytics on your site and seeing what keywords, searches, and content is bringing people to your site. With this new information, you can optimize the content you release to fit with your new data or update the most visited content to be better suited to your audience. The goal is to keep providing your visitors with an interesting and educating experience so that they want to keep coming back, or click the ‘contact us’ button, or click ‘subscribe’. Monitoring bounce rates and interactions is a great step in creating fresh content.

How to Create Fresh Content

Understand Your Audience

It may sound obvious, but knowing your audience is key to good content production. Use analytics and data to understand your customers better and aim your content marketing towards their interests. The first thing you need to know is the platform to reach them on. Are your customers more fond of reading? Create a blog. Do they have a fast lifestyle and don’t have time for a 10 minute read? Create videos. Taking the time to research your customer’s lifestyle, needs, and problems will give you better insight into how to provide value effectively. Understanding the key value proposition in this way allows you to provide more benefit, drive more interaction from your audience, and optimize your content marketing strategy.

Update Old Content

If you’re in need of fresh content, it’s a good idea to update old content. This can be an easier strategy to skyrocketing your Google rankings through an improved freshness score and a spike in site traffic. We suggest starting with a content audit to gather information on what content is out of date, could be made better, or applies to current time. With that, you can spend just a few minutes a week updating old content on your website. Creating content that is helpful, educational, and interesting is the goal, so take extra care and be harsh when optimizing and reviewing your content.

Look at Hiring an Agency

Content marketing can be a large task. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by what needs to be done to boost your content strategy, then hiring a marketing agency may be a good idea. HeadsUp Marketing specializes in crafting high-quality targeted content that produces visible results. Our team of experts works to analyze your current data and develop and implement a strategy that will produce real results and growth. Contact us today for help creating your content marketing strategy.