driving traffic to your websiteIf you’ve recently built out a website, or have had one for a long time, you might not be getting the number of visitors that you had hoped for. Building a consistent flow of website traffic takes time. The old proverb “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t exactly apply to website traffic. The newness of your web presence can have a significant impact on your site. Your web design showing its age can do the same. It takes work, but there are techniques that you can implement to help drive traffic to your fantastic website!

Just Being There Goes a Long Way

To be indexed well on Google is to be seen by thousands of people. No matter how amazing your site is, search engines must find, understand, and trust you and your content before ranking you high on search results. Being continually present on the internet will help speed up this process. You might be trying to figure out what “being present” looks like. If you can answer these three questions with a yes then you’re present:

  • Are you active on social media?
  • Are you blogging, vlogging, or consistently releasing some form of media information?
  • Are you sharing and interacting?

It doesn’t take much to be present. If you’re having trouble being active on social media, then pick a platform you enjoy and build a consistent profile. It’s better to be extremely present on one platform than hardly there on all of them! If you don’t have time to blog, hire a marketing company to create targeted content for you. If you run across an interesting article, then share it. Interact with other people on the internet, and build relationships. That’s what it’s there for!

Here’s a Tip!

If you’ve just started building your website, or are thinking about rebuilding your site, think about using WordPress! WordPress creates easy-to-index pages, which takes some of the work out of getting Google to rank you higher. If you need help migrating your website, getting started, or building your design, let us know! Our WordPress developers can bring your craziest ideas to life. Back to the blog…

Send Some Emails

Email marketing, when used correctly, is a powerful tool. Email blast can result in a significant increase in traffic and generate a lot of leads. Being able to automate a process like this is vital. With low costs and high returns, marketing automation is a part of any successful campaign to boost traffic!


Pay-per-click advertising allows you to curate a new audience that is already ready to convert. The process of generating traffic with PPC ads can be tedious and complicated at times. Think carefully about how you want to use this resource and research to understand how to achieve your goal. When done properly, conversion and lead rates will exponentially increase. 

Focus on the Keywords

Effectively using keywords is the best way to grow your audience. Think about your process when you go to search for something on Google. Typically, you’d think about a set of keywords to describe the topic you’re researching. The results aren’t chosen from random. They’re chosen based on relevance to the keywords you typed in the search box. Your website can be one of those results. Use keywords in your content that are relevant to what your customers would type in the search box when searching for your product or service. This will give you a better chance of them finding your content before anyone else’s.

Too busy to do this alone? Reach out to us! We have experts that can help you put your website in front of thousands of potential customers.