Having a blog and putting in the necessary time and effort to make it great is one challenge.

Leveraging your blog content to get the results your business needs is an entirely different challenge.

The two steps are essential for any business.

But honestly, what is the point of creating great content if nobody else knows about it?

Writing quality content is a must-have start towards seeing your blogging efforts have a successful impact on your business.

But it’s only half of the equation, and the formula is incomplete without the other half.

That’s why for every point of effort you put into writing your blog, you should put in a point of effort for promoting your blog. So while you might have several questions surrounding distribution, “how to leverage your blog content” is our focus today.

HubSpot has a solid list on 10 Fresh Ways to Get Better Results From Your Blog Posts.

After that, there are several ways to distribute your content to your audience.

Make sure to promote your blog’s RSS feed and subscription capabilities. Having subscribers who instantly get notified every time you publish a blog is a solid end goal for your audience.

From there, you should post your blog with a status update to your social media sites every time you publish. Keep in mind that different types of content go better with different social sites.

If you have optimized SEO practices, that will organically help increase your ranking in search results.

Finally, reach out to industry thought leaders – people your audience respects and follows – and ask them if they would help promote your blog.

B2B lead generation in Atlanta starts when you distribute your content correctly.

It’s important to spend time making a blog that will bring people to the seats.

But all that time is wasted if you don’t spend as much time telling people about the seats.