Blogs have come a long way since their startup in the early 2000s.

Almost everyone follows at least one, if not more. Whether it’s news, political or sports, blogs cover topics from all corners.

Maybe your business has missed the train. Maybe you’ve thought about it but decided it was too strenuous or the payoff would be minimal.

For whatever reason, it’s not too late to start. But how can starting a blog add value to your business?

Blogging is the most important tool in your content marketing strategy and is the baseline for reaching your customers.

1. SEO Rank

Search Engine Optimization is improving and promoting your website through a higher rank in search engines. The end result is increasing your site’s number of visitors.

Search companies like Google use an algorithm to judge your site and match it with keywords users are searching for.

Google’s mission is to provide consumers with useful search results. That’s why search companies value content. They aim for the perfect match for what every searcher is seeking.

Your company can benefit by giving Google what they’re looking for. In return, Google helps you through directing traffic to your website.

2. Educate Your Audience

Blogging can serve as the base for other forms of content.

A quick and easy post serves as the foundation. From there, you can promote several different types of content through your blog. It is the core of your marketing efforts and works well with social media.

Text, audio and visual combine into a blog to create an effective way to communicate with your audience, but in a way that attracts them.

For example, you can create a podcast. Then, you can post the podcast to your blog with a quick summary highlighting the episode. Finally, you can promote both through your social media accounts. All three work together.

This allows your company to form a voice through educating customers. And that shows the world what your business is all about.

3. Industry-Expert

By building your voice, you create trust with your customers. They become aware and familiar with you. They then become comfortable buying from you.

You can’t have buyer action without trust.

Through educating and building confidence, you establish your brand as an industry expert in your field. Your blog validates your expertise.

Also, you can revisit old posts and add new information to form the basis for further education. For example, you repurpose a series of old posts into an eBook. The added content continues to reinforce your industry-expert status.

Would you rather do business with an industry expert or a company you’re not too familiar with?