If you talk to 10 marketers, each one will have his or her opinions on which ideas will work best for your digital strategy.

In digital marketing, no one business is the same. What works for one, might not work for someone else’s company.

When it comes to reaching goals, the results of any given method or tactic will depend on numerous factors: the industry, the audience, the market, and much more.

But there is one thing most everyone can agree on when asked, “What is the one marketing tactic to start with today?” If there’s one thing you absolutely must start doing if you want to grow your business and website, it is content marketing.

Content Marketing Definition

Content marketing is the industry term used to describe creating relevant and valuable content (blogs, videos, etc.) for the end result of getting customers. Content is written or produced with a specific audience in mind.

The goal of content marketing is always to turn visitors into customers. But there is a process. You need to start by gaining the visitor’s trust. Most likely, they won’t be ready to buy immediately from you, so you need to educate them about their problems and solutions.

From there, you can direct them to content that highlights why they should go with you over the competition.

How Does It Work?

Content marketing can be considered the opposite of outbound marketing tactics.

With outbound, you are dealing with cold leads. There is a (mostly accurate) stereotype around outbound or pushy sales tactics that can make leads even colder.

Alternatively, content marketing aims to bring warm leads to you. It helps you educate your potential customers and establish yourself as a trusted resource.

As people come to trust you and understand the value you will provide them, you will be much more likely to close the deal compared to randomly calling and mostly screaming, “Buy my product!”

Businesses large and small, in just about every conceivable industry, have proven content marketing works. The only reason it won’t work is if you are not willing to commit the time and effort.

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