How often have you heard or thought, “That’s not for me?” It might work for them but not me.

When it comes to content marketing, you might have a jam-packed number of excuses ready for not using it.

You might try to justify your lack of content thinking you’re not the creative type. Maybe you think nobody would read what you have to write.

But content marketing brings in leads for your business – no matter the size or product. That’s one of the great things about it: Everyone can use it.

There are plenty of examples. Both big and small businesses have used successful content marketing strategies to learn from.

Large Brands

Colgate created its own Oral Care Center. The database contains articles and videos on proper oral health practices. For example, customers can go there to research what to look for when purchasing a child’s toothbrush. It shows how a brand can become a publisher with its vast industry knowledge with a mindset to inform.

Kraft launched a website as an online resource for recipes and food-related content. It provides tips and ideas on cooking and healthy living. The website provides a great way for consumers to interact with the Kraft brand. Plus, users gain informational value from new recipe ideas.

Small Businesses

But Content Marketing isn’t just for large brands like Kraft and Colgate.

Magnolia opened in the 1950s as a family-owned photography shop. They transformed into an audio specialty store but needed a way to stand out to customers. They created a series of stereo buyer’s guides giving consumers the best values at different prices.

They expanded and ended up selling for $87 million to Best Buy. Mostly thanks to their content marketing.

Georgia Gas Distributors, Inc. uses its blog to educate its customers on propane safety. It’s important their customers know the proper way to handle propane. The blog offers valuable information on safety and grilling tips that their buyers find useful. They are thankful for the added benefit of safety information and how-to grill with propane tips. Through that, they are more likely to buy from Georgia Gas.