We’ve talked about the importance of creating content. But what are the best tools to use for publishing?

Different forms are better for reaching different audiences. Millennials enjoy quick video over long-form articles. Some consumers are auditory learners. Some are visual.

1. Blogs
Blogs are the main starting point. They are a great way to get customers to come to you. They lend towards an easy way to produce educational content. Later in this series, we will cover the countless different types of blog posts.

2. Videos
Audiences love video because it shows them first hand what is happening. Video lends itself to informative how-to posts. Think a makeup company creating a how to apply eyeliner video.

3. Podcasts
Podcasts might not be for everybody. They remain the favorite way to consume content for professionals who travel or have long commutes. They also give educational material for people who learn by listening.

4. Social Media
Building an interactive network through social media helps your business in multiple ways. It allows you to share your valuable information. It serves your audience to engage with you. It functions as a referral network to bring in leads.

5. Events
Don’t forget about physical interaction. Hosting how-to events provide hands-on interaction. Community events help integrate you in the public and build good will. Even hosting a barbeque can help build a relationship for the future.

6. EBooks
EBooks deliver an effective way for in-depth educational content. In exchange for an email address, giving a free eBook helps build your image as an industry expert. You also get an email address to follow up with.

7. Infographics
You need to incorporate infographics into your content strategy. They are perfect for illustrating a process with visual data. They make shareable content through social media. Also, blogs need infographics to add an educational element.

8. Emails (if done right)
We are not talking about email blasts. Curated newsletters keep people informed with the industry. Email serves as a way to keep peopled educated.

9. Referrals
A trusted friend or family member can speak more for your business than you ever could. You can’t buy true word of mouth. You can earn it through exceptional service.

10. SEO
Matching keywords with what your audience is looking for directs them to your blog or website. Consumers start their research process online through a search engine. That’s why it is important to pick keywords, optimize webpages and create content.