Can You Generate Leads with Facebook? The short answer is yes. With social platforms like Facebook (and even LinkedIn), lead gen is entirely possible.

More people are joining Facebook every day, and in April 2017, 4C Insights reported a 61.5 percent increase in paid social media spend.

So, if you’re looking for a creative strategy to capture new leads, it might be time to give your Facebook Page a shot. Here’s a quick guide to help you begin:

How to Generate Leads on Your Facebook Business Page

Step 1: Add a button to your Page.

Sometimes lead generation opportunities are right in front of us, yet we stay oblivious to them. Adding a visible Call-to-Action to your Facebook Page seems obvious enough, but there are plenty of businesses ignoring this quick win.

Add a CTA button to your facebook business page.

Facebook has a variety of pre-made button options to choose from. The top choices for B2B businesses include “Book Now,” “Contact Us,” and “Sign Up.” You can find out how to add the CTA button here. Once added, your chosen button will appear at a fixed location just below your cover photo.

lead generation through facebook content

Step 2: Post specific content to your Page.

As you grow your Facebook audience by sharing relevant and engaging articles, you’ll want to share the occasional content offer. This can be as simple as driving visits to one of your website landing pages or even directly posting your latest case study for readers to enjoy.

Remember, the primary focus of social media is to build brand awareness and connect with buyers! Try to be mindful of what you share and when to ensure your content is meeting prospects at just the right time.

Step 3: Use lead ads to simplify the process on your Page.

Once you begin generating organic leads using optimizations and a killer posting strategy, it’s time to consider investing in Facebook’s lead ads.

using facebook lead ads for lead generation

Image Source: Facebook

With lead ads, users can sign up for lead-generating content offers without ever leaving Facebook. There are plenty of benefits to advertising on Facebook, but the biggest opportunities come from the chance to make things easier for your potential buyers.

We hope these steps act as a helpful starting point for you to collect leads using new and creative strategies across all social channels.

These are just a handful of ways you can use Facebook to generate new leads, so we’d love to connect with you to chat about how you can incorporate social media in your own lead gen strategy.