I was recently browsing on HubSpot’s marketing blog and came across an article that made me stop and think for a second. The post covered why businesses should blog, but it made an interesting point.To me – someone who wins his bread and butter as a marketer – that question of, “Why Blog?” seems to follow with an immediately obvious answer.

Well, perception isn’t always reality. The author helped point out to me that what I do every day might be a little more normal for me compared to someone starting to learn about business blogging.

With that in mind, let’s start out quickly discussing just exactly what business blogging is all about and what the benefits of blogging can bring to your company.

What Is Business Blogging?

I specifically used the word quickly because, to be honest, I could talk about this all page.

Business blogging is one of the main tenets under the inbound marketing philosophy. Under all the different tactics that fall under content marketing, blogging is the term for creating short-form content.

A blog post, or article, is posted to your blog that lives on your website. Blog posts can vary in range of topics, but it is important to note that business blogging means blogging about topics related to your business.

If you own a landscaping business in Atlanta, Ga. for example, your topics might range from perennials that grow in Atlanta’s climate zone to trees that make the best privacy fences.

Why Business Blog?

This question could be an in-depth eBook by itself, so I’ll try and keep it to the point.

If you aren’t convinced, you are probably thinking, “Is starting a blog really going to do anything for my business?” After taking off my marketer’s hat, it’s a valid question.

Putting my marketer’s hat back on, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

If you want your website to be a valuable asset, the only way to accomplish that is for people to visit. Ideally, you want lots of people ranging from customers to visitors.

Fortunately, there is more than one way to find your website beyond entering its URL.

Every time you publish another webpage or blog post, you’ve created one more chance for your content to appear on the results page for queries people enter into search engines. The same concept applies to social media marketing. Every blog post is another chance to share your content and grow your audience.

Basically, business blogging is a low-cost investment to generate new prospects and close opportunities into customers. To do that, blogs get your website found by the right people, or those who are already searching for the solutions or products your business provides.

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