As marketing adapts and changes to the digital age, content will continue to become more visual. Marketers typically undervalued well-designed, quality visual content. That is changing as companies plan to keep producing infographics, videos and more.

Yet, much like a strong PowerPoint helps a business proposal, visual content can help attract and convert visitors. Chances are, your buyer personas will love interacting with pictures, graphics, and movies!

“Content is evolving. No longer are white papers the secret to inbound marketing success, visual is becoming the norm.” – Marketo

1. Infographics

Marketers use infographics to tell a story like one would in a comic book. They combine pictures, words and graphics into a streamlined presentation on any given topic.

Although they take some time and skill to make, infographics convey information easily and quickly, and they look great while doing it.

Plus, they are three times more likely to get shared or liked than any other piece of visual content.

2. Quote breaks in blogs

Keeping your readers from leaving your blog can be hard if it begins to run a bit long. That’s where quote breaks come in.

“In case you were wondering this is a quote break!”

Quote breaks are best used to preview an exciting or important aspect of your blog that is coming up. If the content is good enough, readers will stick around to see what’s next.

3. Interesting Visualized Data

Data can be quite the snoozer sometimes. By visualizing data in a graph, or wrapping it in with a well-designed infographic, data can be extremely effective and presented in a fun, entertaining way.

For instance, telling you that 74.8% of all US searches come from Google, doesn’t have the same “WOW” factor as this graph from StatCounter.

4. Videos

Watching content is generally preferred to reading content these days. Youtube is the second most used search engine over Yahoo and Bing.

Videos might have a high return on investment, but they also have a high cost attached with creating them. Quality videos require a certain set of skills and ideas to meet a production standard.

Marketing Tip – If you ever need any ideas for videos, start thinking about complimentary videos to go with your blog posts and topics.

5. Inspiring Quote Cards

Quote cards are probably the easiest and fastest visual to create. They are a great way to communicate your brand’s values. Because of their inspiring nature, your social followers might be more willing to share your content.

Use your brand’s palette, type style and overall aesthetic to tailor images (like a postcard) that also have an inspirational quote on them.

6. CTAs

The most-bang-for-your-buck tool available to marketers is the Call-To-Action (CTA). By giving CTAs a clear message, you give leads a clear path on what’s next to interact with your website and content.

Good CTAs visually stand out to attract eyeballs, and they give the ‘clicker’ some idea of what they are about to see next in terms of value.