What would you do without your sales and marketing team? Each department contributes to the overall success of your company in various invaluable ways – totally isolated from each other. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Most companies depend on marketing to generate leads and throw the leads to sales to make deals, with no real collaboration involved whatsoever. And that’s not okay.

Enter “smarketing”: the alignment between your sales and marketing teams that occurs with frequent, direct communication between the two. While most companies can understand the value gained when alignment occurs, they’re faced with a few hurdles before they can get there.

There are three major ways you can help align your sales and marketing teams, and it starts with your leadership:

  • Start by creating a purposeful dialogue between your sales and marketing teams.
  • Optimize the outcome of sales and marketing effort continuously.
  • Improve revenue growth by working toward the same goal.

When the leaders of your sales and marketing teams come together first, it paves the way for your departments. Each team needs to see that your leadership is in total agreement, completely aligned on the outcomes that will bring success to your business.

Once sales and marketing are better aligned, they will be more equipped to exceed client expectations and expand your business.

If you want to learn more about how to achieve smarketing, check out this guide by Marketing Profs.