how to make sales teams more efficientEven the best salesperson won’t make deals if their company’s operations are sloppy or lacking in strategy. To set your sales team up for success, it’s pertinent that you have your sales operations down pat. Put these three sales tips to use for heightened efficiency and results:

Automate Where Applicable

Time is money, so why have your sales team spend hours on small daily tasks that can easily be automated? A sales rep has hundreds of contacts to reach out to on the daily, so simplifying this process can save you valuable resources. Create customizable email templates for prospect outreach and follow ups to give your sales team a starting point rather than having them craft a new message with every lead. 

If a prospect is already in a natural communication cycle from downloading an offer, you can even automate a specific email to send at the right time that moves them further along in the buyer’s journey. By streamlining communications, your sales team can double their productivity. 

It is, however, important to note that not every aspect of communication with leads and customers should be automated. Make sure your sales reps take the time to personalize their emails to buyer prospects so that the information is valuable and doesn’t come off sounding like a robot

Prioritize Internal Communications

Ensuring your entire company, from the sales team to other departments, are on the same page when it comes to leads, and the hand-off process is essential. Everything about a lead, from where they are in the sales pipeline to who has ownership of the contact, should be common knowledge for employees. Miscommunication on this could result in potential buyers receiving untimely or irrelevant information or multiple salespeople overwhelming them with too many follow-ups

In particular, you’ll need your sales and marketing teams to work together seamlessly. The success of both departments relies on intel gained from the other, so be sure to implement a clear and thorough communication process of which sales and marketing representatives adhere.

Invest in a CRM

Customer Relationship Management systems can be a salesperson’s best friend if they utilize them properly. The main appeal of a CRM is that it keeps valuable data and information on all leads and customers in one organized, easily accessible place. CRM software is an efficient way for employees to reference data for their pitches and account management. 

Additionally, you can set up reminders in the CRM to make contact with prospects at certain times, so nothing falls through the cracks. Assign contacts to specific sales team members, so they know which accounts they’re responsible for and how far along their deals are.

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