With the rise of the digital world, content continues to be the fastest-growing marketing channel.

But if you are seeking answers for how to promote your business online and use content to grow, there’s just one problem.

There are more things to read and watch on the internet than ever before, and people will only consume what they find the best or most valuable content.

That means strategies MUST include serious, in-depth tactics that target new leads and audiences.

Throwing up anything (although maybe better than nothing) won’t get you very much return on the time and money you put in.

And because marketing is just as much about context as content, you want to make sure your reaching the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

Here are some of the best content promotion strategies you can use to help your content get noticed, expand your audience reach, and ultimately, generate more high quality leads.

  1. Paid Search (PPC) Campaign

Google has forged the Internet advertising market, and they’re quite good at it (View Google ad statistics).

And there is a reason for that. Google Ads work.

Paid search will expand your content’s reach and drive traffic to your website through ensuring top placement of your ads on search engine results pages.

You can figure out which keywords organically drive the most amount of traffic, and you can build paid search campaigns around them. You will only pay if the user clicks on your ad.

  1. Targeted Social Ads

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads are also trending upwards as they grow to account for a large majority of the digital display ads market.

Organic reach is next to dead, especially after each of the big 3 made algorithm changes to their newsfeed. But social media sites are still as popular as ever.

That’s why targeted ads are important. They will get you in front of the audience you want to reach.

Facebook allows you to set several specific parameters to pinpoint exactly whom your ad will target. LinkedIn is responsible for driving the most traffic to B2B blogs.

Social media ads help you create more exposure, but more importantly, they help you reach people that are interested in what you have to say.

  1. Programmatic Marketing and Retargeting

Programmatic marketing involves combining technology, audience data and marketing automation to advertise with the world’s media supply.

You set parameters (bid price, goals, and demographics) and integrate CRM info to get automatic adjustments based on current bid performance. All in order to deliver the right display ad to the right person.

Retargeting is a display ad for someone who has already visited your website. It is ideal for B2B marketers with a longer buyer’s journey where more research is done.

Final note: Get visual. People like things that are more descriptive, so use quality images to help your marketing stand out. Content should always be engaging, valuable and appealing.

Start building out content promotion strategies into your marketing plans to reach and target new audiences for higher quality lead generation.