marketing strategiesEach year that passes brings plenty of exciting new marketing strategies to advance your campaigns to new heights. You may have incorporated all the latest that 2018 brought the marketing world, but are you prepared for what 2019 has to offer?

Implement these marketing strategies now to stay ahead of the curve:

Find Your Brand’s Niche

Regularly publishing content is a marketing must, but blogs with a specific content strategy perform better than those with posts all over the map.

Take the time to figure out what you want your brand to be known for. What does your audience want and what is your company’s specialty? When you tailor your content to an overarching theme, you can become the go-to source for that topic and seriously boost your brand’s authority.

Reassess Your Social Strategy

When it comes to social, times are changing rapidly. With Google+ officially shutting down this year, you might think that’s one less social media profile to worry about. Before you count your blessings, you’ll want to plan for how you’ll make up for the loss.

Do your homework and look into how you’re performing on current channels. Should you put your extra time into joining a different social media platform, or narrow your focus solely on one to two channels? Consider which platforms are the best fit for your business and move your efforts there.

Utilize Video

If your company hasn’t factored in video into your content marketing strategies, now is the time to start. One HubSpot study found that 43 percent of consumers would like to see marketers put out more video content.

There are plenty of ways to implement video into your campaigns, from Facebook Live to explainer videos. Brainstorm ideas with your team to determine which venue best suits your goals and start shooting content!

Get Chatty

Website chatbots are fast becoming the new normal across all industries. Automated chat is a great way to answer any questions visitors may have quickly.

With automation, chatbots offer the experience of talking to a real person and eliminate the headache of continually monitoring messages. If your site doesn’t have a chatbot already, be sure to set one up soon to make things easier on your prospects.

Today’s marketing trends will be tomorrow’s regular practices, so don’t sleep on applying the newest strategies. The specialists at HeadsUp Marketing are always tracking the latest news and tools that marketing has to offer – contact us today to ensure your efforts keep up with the times.